Friday 11.17.17 CrossFit

RowVember WOD #3 Wed. 11.22.17
Attend and win Ca$h prizes


Back Squat (6 x 4 @75% Every 90s complete 4 reps)
Intent: Week 1 of Speed Back Squats. All sets should smooth/explosive with no pause in between sets.


Coach Led
200m Run
6 Bear Complexes empty bar
– Add weight –
200m Run
4 Bear Complexes
– Add Weight –
200m Run
2 Bear Complexes

“Bear Grylls”

In 7:00min
Remaining time: Max Bear Complex (135,95)
– Squat Clean Thruster + Back Squat Thruster
L3: (115,75)
L2: (95,65)
L1: (75,55)
Beginner Option: DB Man Makers

Intent: Metcon: Challenge yourself with your 400m sprint and try to perform 2-3 reps every minute for the remainder of the time. This will get challenging fast so your load choice needs to be light.

$ Out

2 Options
1) Reverse Hyper: 3 x 20
2) 100 Banded Pull-throughs