Sunday 10.22.17 WOD


Squat Snatch (12×2 Every 90sec. TNG, build across. No failures)
Intent: Keep loads light on squat snatches and work technique. For advanced athletes work up to 85% for a double with no misses.


For total time:
Bench Press (BW) (1/2 BW for Ladies)
Hang Power Clean (BW)
Strict Pull-up
Rx: (3/4 BW)
L2: (1/2 BW)
L1: (Coaches Choice of Loading) (Band Assisted Pull-ups)
Intent: This workout is taxing to the upper-body antagonist muscle-ups groups (push- pull). Athletes should look to partition work into mangeable sets and sustain output. This workout is easy to fall into the trap of doing too much work without breaking sets in the beginning. Don’t let this happen. Break your sets before you need to. Adv. athletes should shoot for sub 15min

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