Care Less About Pushing “RX”

Care Less About Pushing “RX”

What is the first thing you ask yourself when you look at the workout?
Do you check your friends performance results?
What weight did they do because you know you’re stronger than them?
What is the RX weight because you did RX yesterday, so you should be able to RX the WOD today?

The very simple question you should be asking yourself is…
Which weight should I use for this WOD to achieve high intensity and maintain great mechanics.

We know what you’re thinking now.
Really, coach?
YES, really!

If you go into every workout just looking to push the RX button, then it will eventually lead to stagnant results and possible injury.

So,  instead of focusing all of your energy on those 2 letters, R and X, try shifting your mindset and practices.

  1. Finish every last prescribed rep, regardless of your time or placing.
  2. Show up early and get a great warm-up. How about these letters? M-O-B-I-L-I-T-Y.
  3. Or, these letters? P-R.
  4. Cheer on the athletes better than you and new to the box.
  5. SET S.M.A.R.T. Goals (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time-based)

Sometimes RX is the perfect formula. Other times creating that optimum environment will mean checking your (and everyone else’s) ego at the door.

Also, please ask coaches for feedback on scaling, form and intensity. A good time to seek advice is after the training intent has been delivered. If you feel like you’re bugging your coach about this stuff…you’re not! We are here to help you achieve your goals, so ask for feedback constantly. With a little humility, a lot of conversations, and even more hard work, we’ll all stay super-fit and healthy for years to come.

Speaking of goals, schedule your free goal setting session with your head coach right now.
Seriously, right now.
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See YOU at the box!