Wednesday 5.17.17 WOD

CrossFit Prom 2017

Bring a friend day!

Explanation of programming layout

Mobility: 5min

Lax Ball, 30s on the following:
– Pecs
– Scapular
– Triceps

Warm-up: 10min

Dynamic Warm Up
2 Rounds with a light KB
5 KB Push Press each
5 Single Arm Russian Swing each
5 KB Windmills each
5 Goblet Reverse Lunge each
5 Burpees

Strength: 20min

1. Shoulder Press (1RM in 8-10 sets)
Beg: 5 x 5, adding
2. Bent Over Row (1 Arm KB row 3×15 ea.)
Training Intent:
Progressively build to a 1RM shoulder press. Make sure athletes have plan before starting so they do not fail too early. Most athletes strict shoulder press will be 30% less than their push press. As such, taking small jumps in weight will ensure proper ramp-up and not failing too early.

WOD: 15min

12min AMRAP
10 KBS (55,35,45,25)
10 Wallballs (20,14)
L2: (35,25)
L1: (35,25 Russian Swing)
Training Intent:
Pacing is key today. KBS weight should be light. Try to go UB on sets and rest between transitions. Athletes should start slow and look to keep their heart-rate consistent. This workout is very easy to redline early by going out too fast. Athletes should start slower and augment their pace as the workout progresses/push their pace for the last 2 minutes.

$ Out: 5min

100 Banded Pushdowns with Heavy Band
Lax Ball in pec x 60s each.