May 2016 Newsletter


May 2016 Newsletter

Spring is here and so is the warm weather. Let’s open the doors at the Box and take the WOD outside. April brought us one month closer to the new Wayne location, a new ‘AB’ril winner and several new Athletes joining the community. So, if you see new faces at the Box make sure to say hello.

As May begins, so does the planning for the CrossFit Prom and 24 Heroes in 24 Hours. The 4th annual CrossFit prom promises to be a great event with a live DJ, open bar and light show. As soon as the lights go off and our prom photos are posted, preparation for our annual Memorial Day competition 24 Heroes in 24 Hours begins. Make sure to buy your tickets and purchase a shirt to support our military.

As CrossFit affiliate owners, Merrilee and I never have enough opportunities to thank each and everyone of you for making this a great community. Thank you to the communities in Ardmore and Wayne for your patience, as we strive each and every day to make the Main Line CrossFits the premier training facilities in Philadelphia.

See you at the Box.

– Daniel & Merrilee

May Box Events

* Memorial Day Melt Down, May 16
* CrossFit Prom May 21
* 24 Heroes In 24 Hours May 27 & 28



Top 3 Finishers
Noel Boothe 17,500
Conny Schuetz 10,450
Guy Abramovitz 7,500


CFML – Wayne Update

Architectural plans were finally approved by the township last week and demolition has started.
Commence the 6 week timeline!

CrossFit Prom!

Book your babysitter now for the best event of the year – our 4th Annual CrossFit Prom! Last year over 100 athletes from both boxes came out to enjoy adult beverages, dancing and shenanigans. This year will be bigger and better than ever. Bring a date (or not!) and come celebrate with our awesome CrossFit community!

Saturday 5.21.16 @ 8pm

CrossFit Main Line – Ardmore

Anything goes!
Get another use out of that bridesmaid’s dress, borrow your dad’s leisure suit and shine those nanos or metcons.


Starting at 9:30am on Friday the 27th, Athletes will perform a “Hero WOD” every hour for 24 continuous hours. The money raised will be donated to the One Fight Foundation, a veteran peer-to-peer mentor-ship and social support network that seeks to help facilitate veterans in a time of crisis.

May 27 9:30am – May 28 9:30am

CrossFit Main Line – Ardmore

All ticket sales will be donated to the One Fight Foundation

A T-Shirt is included with your donation ($43.19)


Athletic Development Curriculum

* Intermediate Speed Dynamics
* Strength Enhancement
* Improvement of Range of Motion

Athletes must be entering the 7th grade

5 Week Strength and Conditioning Camp

June 21-July 29

3:00 – 4:25pm

CrossFit Main Line – Ardmore


Memorial Day
Melt Down
Starts 5.16.16

* Access to proven 5-week Challenge platform.
* $45.00 gets you access to the platform and also a bottle of the Essential or elite energy product!!!
* Complete tracking of your diet, performance, and improvements.
* Brand new 5-week comprehensive meal plan
* WODs are programmed by 6 X Games athlete Neal Maddox
* Your registration provides a donation to signature charity Barbells For Boobs * Competition against athletes and affiliates across the country
* Opportunity to win your share of the $40,000+ prize purse


Are you the type that hounds the blog minutes before 7pm each night waiting for the WOD to post, leaving confused by acronyms and exercises you have never before heard or experienced?

Did you know there is a better way?

Join the CrossFit boxes and individuals around the world that access our programming notes every day to run their CrossFit Affiliates efficiently. Everyday extensive WOD NOTES are posted on a password protected blog. This information helps educate paying CrossFit Affiliates and athletes around the world on mobility, movement faults and time domains of WODs. As a CrossFit Main Line Athlete you receive FREE Access to view the daily WOD NOTES. If you would like daily access, please email us to have the blog password sent directly to your phone.

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