10.9.15 Box Brief

Here’s why:
1. You will NOT see an increase in lean muscle mass.
2. You won’t experience a decrease in body fat.
3. Sitting on a bike for an hour isn’t doing your body any favors. 
Many of us work out for the same reasons: to feel good, increase our lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, and improve movement patterns and posture for our body.Now I want you to take a long, hard look in the mirror, followed by a long, hard look at your fitness regimen: Is your weekly routine achieving any of the above results? If you spend five days a week sitting at a desk and five nights a week on a spin bike, I’m willing to guess your answer: “No.”

No one ever got a great butt by sitting on it.

Sorry if this feels like a slap in the face — I’m a personal trainer and I see many people with the same issue. Spinning, while a viable cardio supplement to strength training, can work against your fitness goals if it’s your only source of exercise.

By: Kristin Vallacher