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Who Am I?

Melissa is a mother of four wonderful children, who has always loved being part of a team. Exercise has always been part of her daily life from childhood swim team, lacrosse, cross country and running track.  Being active has been an important part of her everyday life and it is a value she wants to instill in her children. Her day does not feel complete without a CrossFit workout.  

Years after the birth of her children she realized the importance of weight training which lead her to trying CrossFit where she immediately fell in love with the coaches, community and varied workouts.  Although she has only being doing CrossFit since January 2018 it is a part of her day that she always looks forward too. CrossFit has given Melissa the energy and clear mindset to tackle the craziest of days.  

Melissa lives in Radnor, PA with her husband George, 4 children and dog Reilly.  She is a graduate of Penn State University and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

  • ANSI CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Penn State University

Because it makes my mind and body strong.

I want to encourage athletes to get to a place where they can feel the same sense of accomplishment and power that CrossFit has given me.

Why I feel like my daily schedule is the equivalent of a “Chipper Workout”

pizza and cheese fries from a dive in Conshohocken

My Secret Ninja Move

Squats…I could squat all day long

My Super Sucky Move

Double Unders they are sucky in so many ways

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