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Who Am I?

Similar to many others journey’s, Jose’s progression to a fitness enthusiast began from prior experiences in sports including tennis and soccer. Following transitions into college and full-time work, Jose had achieved a consistent routine at a “globo gym” for a number of years,  but the repetitive nature led to ebbing enthusiasm and modest results. He found it challenging to dedicate the time and attention necessary to identify novel ways to challenge himself and push his limits. 

Jose first started hearing about CrossFit from a friend who had raved about the dynamic nature and results. Maintaining a level of skepticism, it wasn’t till following a 5k obstacle course that incorporated many of the tenets of CrossFit that Jose decided to give it a try. Walking into CFML, he was met with programming and a community that was hard to pass up. He quickly found a passion for the sport, finding himself at the box regularly and taking on a training role to help others discover a similar passion for fitness. 

Outside of CrossFit, Jose works in the Financial Services industry. He also enjoys cooking, traveling and music. He is a Villanova grad, originally from San Antonio, Texas and is bi-lingual in Spanish!

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Villanova University

The dynamic nature of the programming means I am constantly challenged. I find CrossFit to be a great avenue for personal growth not only physically, but also personally as well! No better way to get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

In both my professional life as well as in CrossFit I enjoy helping others pursue and achieve their goals. Being able to tag-a-long on other’s journey’s and live vicariously through them is motivating and encouraging!

Places I’ve travelled to, my favorite food spots in and around Philly, concerts and of course CrossFit!

An ice cream cookie sandwich, specifically one with chocolate chunks in both the ice cream and cookies. Seriously, why limit yourself to just cookies or ice cream? 

My Secret Ninja Move

Rowing, Running, Rope Climbs

My Super Sucky Move

I’m looking at you pistols…

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